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Cherry BarBQ Sauce?

It's a perfect time, here in the Flathead Valley, for working in a warm kitchen so this is another Cherry project post along with announcing our new Handmade Soap Collection.

I saw this Cherry BarBQ Sauce recipe quite awhile ago on the Flathead Cherry Growers Association's (FLCG) website and thought that I had to try it. I cooked it up and it is delicious!

I'll put the recipe below, but I can say it tastes not unlike regular BarBQ sauce with a little extra. It's pretty spicy with just a hint of cherry, and the consistency is great for a sauce. I think this is a combination that will only get better as it ages and the tastes mingle. I did add the Liquid Smoke and it took awhile for it to blend in- I'm thinking of substituting a 1/4 cup of whisky, in place of the Liquid Smoke, next time for a bit different taste.

We barbqued up beef tenderloin from the beef we get from Lohof Grass Finished Beef- right here in Montana. They are great folks and their beef is the finest! Now that I'm mentioning them I put the BarBQ sauce in pint bottles from the honey we also get from the Lohofs. Over the year we really go through the honey and I hate to throw these great little bottles away- I'm going to be making Cherry Salsa next, and will use these bottles again.

I think this Cherry BarBQ Sauce will go really well with pork, too.

I tried to get a good picture of the sauce with the steak, and I definitely need foody practice- but I should mention the sauce is a bit different 'red' than we are used to.

Also, this was the first asparagus of the year and I went a bit overboard. Yum.


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Once again, this is from the FLCG website's recipes file.

Let me know if you have a favorite BarBQ sauce recipe!

Download PDF • 6KB

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