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Cherry Buds and Chicken Memories

All of a sudden there are buds on the cherry trees and pruning has started! That doesn't mean we don't have more snow coming, but the turn has begun. Our trees won't be pruned for awhile but several neighbors have been pruning. I've also noticed a few new birds and the squirrels are back into action. Our lab cross, Ranger, has been highly insulted about this. Moving here from the Bozeman area he's only known about rabbits and we think he's mad these rabbits can escape into trees. The Goof ball is pictured below- he refused to pose.

Here's a few 'before next snow' pictures

I've been thinking about chickens lately

I supposed it's because the time for getting a new batch of chicks is almost here. The main blog post picture is of the last of the three 'little ladies' we brought with us when we moved- isn't she pretty?

Sound To Earth Orchard came with a chicken coop that's small but really set up for a few hens, and cute, to top it off. However (and we were warned) the coop is not adequate for the wild life population, right outside of their door, almost all of which are prepared to eat them. Well, something got two of them and she was the last one.

She did pretty well during the day and hung out with us and the dogs. She did quit laying and you could tell she was nervous and lonely. As you can see would have liked to come inside but that wasn't happening. We found her a new home with a more secure setup....if any truly are around here...

We started getting fresh eggs at the rental place. One day they didn't have any and we asked about it. The story is a GRIZZLY BEAR broke into the coop and totally demolished everything including the chickens. Wow. I guess this really demoralized the owners and they have given up on the chicken thing.

We're contemplating battening down the hatches of the coop and trying again next spring but... maybe somebody around here can tell me where to get fresh eggs.

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