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First Cherry Shipment 2023 Accomplished, Now Week Two!

We've gotten reports that your cherries have reached you in good condition and are being eaten and pitted at this very moment. It's fun to think about them going all over the U.S.! If you did have problems, however, we would like to hear from you.

Please send in pictures of your pitting, and what you have cooked up. Last year the Salsa pictures were fantastic.

I am also going to start pitting and canning soon- any ideas for shows to stream while I pit away?

However for now we're still eating them directly from the trees, and will continue shipping next week. They look as beautiful as they taste.

If your cherries are gone and you need more, or if friends would like to order, they will be available for shipment next week (7/31-8/1)

This harvest has been different than others (there is no 'normal' season I believe). We had individual harvests of first Red Sweet Cherries, then Rainier Cherries. Due to the overall cherry market we did not pick for fruit companies but only for local markets.

Another surprise was, the day before harvest, unloading groceries I tripped over a wood block in the yard and lightly fractured my foot! Timing is everything, right? Kept going until I had the opportunity to go in for an xray and am now wearing a boot for awhile.

We so appreciate your orders!

Following is a little montage of Sound To Earth Orchard in the summer sun. Besides being cherry time, it's also daisy time.

Hit the link below to order and let me know if you need your Cherry Coupon Code again for your 10% discount.

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