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Harvest is Near!

We had a long, rainy, cold spring that had quite the effect on the cherries this year. Harvest is a bit later, and there are fewer cherries. However, we do have a crop and they are big cherries! Since the yields are smaller, cherries are in high demand this year in the grocery stores. All this adds up to the reason we haven't participated in Farmers Markets and will not have a large amount of cherries to sell out of the Cherry Barn. We've also been busily building a cold room where we can hold cherries and apples (and apple juice) for a bit longer enabling us to deliver fruit over a longer period. The room stays around 34 degrees and keeps them fresh.

Following is a run down on ordering your 'fresh from the tree' cherries. If you decide to order, go ahead and subscribe to this website (Homepage/scroll down) and get a 10% OFF CODE for your cherry order. Pricing is for bulk cherries already and you'll save even more with the coupon. (Notice- unfortunately we are unable to ship cherries to California, Hawaii or internationally due to 'rules') ***Current Subscribers: I am sending you an email that will have another 10% OFF CODE in case your previous coupon is lost in your inbox- thanks for your support!!

***If you live in the area and would like to pick them up, or have them delivered, please contact me and I can take your order in person and we can avoid a step if you like. Cash, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay accepted. We will also consider trades of local goods.

Please don't hesitate to Contact me with any questions you may have.

Harvest is tentatively scheduled for next week, but could be sooner or a bit later. We wait until just the right stage of ripeness, and they're being watched closely right now. After harvest we will carefully ship your order. FRESH OFF THE TREE! The Full Box contains approx. 18 lbs of cherries. The Partial Box contains approx. 10 lbs of cherries. Following are some estimates to help you decide which size you would like to purchase. Check out your jelly, or canning recipes to figure canner loads. Don't forget to order enough to allow for just plain cherry eating! 1 lb. cherries / 1.5 cups juice (A Full Box ordered will make approx. 27 cups juice, or 3.4 gallons) 1 lb. unpitted cherries / 2.5 cups pitted (A Full Box ordered will make approx. 45 cups pitted cherries or, 5.6 gallons) *my canner holds 8 quarts or 2 gallons, so a full box will make 2 canner loads with some to spare. *I dried approximately a Full Box of pitted cherries last year and they filled a one gallon freezer bag.

  • Lambert Cherries The original Flathead Lake red cherry! Our favorite.

  • How We Ship Your Cherries Shipping on each box is $20. Your cherries will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail on Monday- Wednesday after harvest. We don't want them to sit anywhere over a weekend so we will try as hard as possible to make sure of it. The farther away from Montana the earlier in the week we will ship them. You will get a USPS notice when they're on their way. This year we are shipping your cherries in only large size USPS Priority Mail Boxes, with styrofoam inserts to help keep them fresher and help prevent squishing. Shipping anything fragile is a bit risky, but we'll do the best on our end.

  • No Shipment to Calif./Hawaii/Internationally Sorry- those are the rules.

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