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Welcome to Sound To Earth Orchard!

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

We are so happy you visited our new website, and hope to hear from you here online. Also, perhaps we'll meet during the next cherry season at our Cherry Barn or a farmers market- it's a small cherry world so it's bound to happen. If you like, please visit our About Page where you'll find an introduction.

Since this blog begins in winter and fruit trees rest, I'll just recap last harvest season a bit and post a picture gallery of the orchard, and of some of the action.

Overall we had beautiful, tasty Lambert, Sweetheart, Rainier, and pie cherries this year. The Lapin variety were small for the general market but we. plus friends, picked and ate them continuously.

We also had peach, plum, gooseberries, and several varieties of apples that did well- not to mention pears from our neighbors to make Perry.

There was a forest fire a few miles down the road this summer. It was small as far as these fires go but it did burn some homes. Fortunately everyone was safe. It also had quite an affect on the harvest, but hard work from the Flathead Cherry Growers Association and the warehouse crew kept things going.

The Flathead Lake area is truly beautiful with an abundance of fruit, wildlife and fine people.

As Summer 2022 approaches, I will try to post more detail and updates so you can plan when cherries will becoming your way. Sign up below, or on the Home Page, to receive the updates, AND get 10% off your first 10 lb or 20 lb box of cherries, or a USPS mailed box of cherries (details closer to the season).

Following is a collage of the past year- Spring to Winter

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Susan Backerman
Susan Backerman
12 ene 2022

Thank you for the recap...loved the photos!

Me gusta
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