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2023 Cherries Available for PreOrder

And they are BIG this year!

  • Get Your Order In! We will probably be harvesting cherries around 7/20-7/25/23. Sorry no exact date yet, but that's the way nature goes. They're watching closely to see when they will be at just the right ripeness.

  • From a Cherry Customer, last summer:

Mary, although I received pictures from several, this one is from Watford City, ND! This is the first time in all the years that I have been sending cherries, that she received cherries in such wonderful condition. You are a genius and the comments from everyone were the same: beautiful and great condition. Thank you so much for your caring. Always, Boni, a very satisfied customer.
  • How We Ship Your Cherries Shipping on each box is $25. Your cherries will be shipped by USPS Priority Mail in LARGE or MEDIUM sized USPS Priority boxes, on Monday- Wednesday after harvest. We don't want them to sit anywhere over a weekend so we will try as hard as possible to make sure of it. The farther away from Montana the earlier in the week we will ship them. You will get a USPS notice when they're on their way.


The Large Box contains approx. 20 lbs of cherries.

The Medium Box contains approx. 10 lbs of cherries. (shipping discount)

  • No Shipment to Calif./Hawaii/Internationally Sorry- those are the rules.

Before ordering, go the HOME Page, scroll down, and subscribe. You will receive a coupon code for 10% OFF YOUR CHERRY ORDER


Following are some estimates to help you decide which size you would like to purchase. Check out your jelly, or canning recipes to figure canner loads. Don't forget to order enough to allow for just plain cherry eating!

1 lb. cherries / 1.5 cups juice

(A Full Box ordered will make approx. 27 cups juice, or 3.4 gallons)

1 lb. unpitted cherries / 2.5 cups pitted

(A Full Box ordered will make approx. 45 cups pitted cherries or, 5.6 gallons)

*my canner holds 8 quarts or 2 gallons, so a full box will make 2 canner loads with some to spare.

*I dried approx a Full Box of pitted cherries last year and they filled a one gallon freezer bag.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us.

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