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Apples Available Now For Local Purchase or Trade

Apples Are Ready! These are Transparent Yellow Apples which are the earliest apples and, while you can definitely just eat them, they are perfect for APPLESAUCE AND JUICING.

I think the juice is delicious and have made lots of Cider from them, however they don't store well for general eating, and aren't great for pies and canning slices.

*$1.25/lb and will definitely consider trades- eggs, veggies, garlic, you name it.

*I pick, and can meet you in the Flathead area for 20 lbs (one box) or more.

Following are some approximate measurements to help you figure out how much you might want for recipes, etc.

-The 20 lb box pictured has approx. 50 apples.

-Applesauce/Ball recipe: 2.5-3.5 lbs per Qt. or 2 Pts.

so 10-14 lbs for 8 pints (my canner load)

-17.5-24.5 lbs for 7 Qts (my canner load)

-Juice/cider: 48 apples/1 gal. juice

These are very Juicy Apples!

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