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Catching Up

Big Winter is in past now (we call it that because some snow is always possible) and we hope you came through it just fine.

All through the winter I would take a walk before dinner. Following is a slideshow of the views I would take in along with the pristine air. A great way to end the short winter day.

We were very cozy and working away until the last (hopefully) blizzard hit. A giant tree came down in the lower orchard and luckily went right down the row between cherry trees grazing only three! It is SO big it will take awhile to get all cleaned up and out of there. Poor old tree. It's a bit sad because if you look at it's rings (approx. 140) it is a very old tree- the house and barn are about 100 years old and it was here already, long before there was even a road. However we chipped the limbs and composted the upper orchard and have several extra cords of firewood.

.During this storm a water filter in our Cherry Barn froze, then froze the water, then flooded.

We caught it relatively early so it's a mess, but not a total loss. Our biggest disappointment is that our beautiful Cold Room had to be completely taken apart to dry out with the rest. We'll rebuild, but sure am glad spring is here!

Gentle and subtle- just a touch of Lavender.

I'll get more into the spring side of the orchard in my next post, but one of the things I did this winter was make, and restock, the homemade soap that we use, and sell.

Many are unaware that Montana has quite a few Lavender farms. There are several right here in the Flathead Valley, and also the Missoula area. This soap features Lavender Essential Oil from Big Sky Lavender Farm.


Checking Out Baby Rhubarb

Thanks so much for subscribing! I would love to hear how your winter went, and also what you are planning and planting this spring.

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